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Rooms: The Unsolvable PuzzleThis game is for PC

Rooms: The Unsolvable Puzzle is a unique puzzle game inspired by sliding puzzle and platformer games. In a twisted mansion made of rooms that slide like puzzle pieces, you must find a way to the escape by moving rooms and using items. As you explore the mansion, various gadgets make the puzzles more tricky and challenging.In this fairy-tale world full of magical objects and spooky stories, you take a role of an innocent little girl, Anne, who was accidentally trapped in the mansion. As the story unfolds, you'll be challenged to solve a series of diabolical puzzles while the dark legend of the twisted mansion is revealed.

  • Play Rooms: The Main Building
  • Complete storyline with two possible endings
  • Four beautifully crafted mansion themes
  • Unique and proven puzzle mechanic
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OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
Size: 117.4MB
DirectX: 9.0
CPU: 1.8 GHz
Release Date: Tue, 2016-02-23